Sell us Your Items

Do you hate selling stuff, lack the time to do it and wish someone would do it for you?! We can help!

There’s no denying that selling your outgrown kids clothes can be a hassle, hard work and very time consuming. By the time you’ve sorted and washed everything, taken photos, listed it all, dealt with the enquiries, waited in all day for time-wasters who don’t turn up to collect items sold locally, or paid the extortionate EBay fees to sell online, it’s often not worth the effort.

We would love to buy your items from you! It couldn’t be easier, you don’t need to sort them or take photos, just stick them all in a bag or box (even a binbag will do, as long as it’s strong and sealed with plenty of tape), and send them to us. You can include different sizes, genders, brands and seasons within the same parcel.

If you’re local to LA14 please CONTACT US USING THIS LINK and I will happily collect from most areas (or you can drop off to me).

If you aren’t local, we still want your items! And if you have over 60 items we will pay FREEPOST for you to send them to us!

We pay Β£10 per 30 items for mixed bundles of all brands, plus your postage on top πŸ™‚

We accept –
βœ… Kids clothes from newborn up to the age of 14, both new and used
βœ… Kids pyjamas, both new and used
βœ… Kids Christmas clothes
βœ… Halloween, Children in Need, World Book Day and other fancy dress costumes
βœ… Out of season items (we’ll happily buy summer clothes in winter and winter clothes in summer, save you having to store them all year!)
βœ… Women’s maternity clothes (they must be from proper maternity ranges, not just larger sizes of normal clothes!)
βœ… Kids underwear and socks, as long as they’re brand new in pack/brand new with tags ONLY
βœ… Used girls tights and used baby vests are fine as long as they’re in good condition (please don’t count these as individual items for the item counts however – 3 of each will count as 1 item)
βœ… Plain grey NON-LOGO school skirts, trousers and pinafores (NO other school uniform items)

We CANT accept –
πŸ˜” Any shoes, either new or used (due to storage space!)
πŸ˜” Dressing gowns (too bulky)
πŸ˜” Used underwear (although used good condition baby vests and kids tights are fine, see above)
☺️ Any adults clothes (except specific maternity clothes)
☺️ Any other kids items such as toys or baby equipment
☺️ Any School jumpers or polo shirts
πŸ˜” Fake/replica designer items
☺️ No bulky winter coats for postage please (we accept winter coats for local collection)
☺️ Please no stained, ripped, torn, holey, faded or bobbly items! Items must be in great condition and suitable to be resold.

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